Spiritual Direction

Many of us are longing for MORE. We hunger for more satisfying relationships with others and a deeper sense of meaning in our lives. I believe these longings are an expression of a deeper desire for a relationship with God*, whether we realize it or not. Saint Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless, O God, until they rest in you." Spiritual Direction can help us address that longing for more.

* I will continue to use "God" but feel free to substitute "higher power", or whatever term/title you prefer to use.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction offers directees (those receiving direction) an opportunity to seek guidance for their spiritual - or inner - lives. It goes by many different names - such as spiritual companionship, spiritual guidance, and spiritual counselling - that indicate the multiple dimensions this ministry might entail. Spiritual direction is a practice of deep listening - listening on the part of the director and as well as helping the directee to listen more deeply to their inner lives. Ultimately, the One we are listening to is God. Spiritual direction helps us become more attentive to the presence of God in the midst of our daily lives and experiences. 

It's also important to note what spiritual direction is not:
  • Spiritual direction is NOT therapy or counselling, though it does support healing and wholeness.
  • Spiritual direction is NOT preaching or teaching, though there may be moments when wisdom and knowledge are shared. 
  • Spiritual direction is NOT navel-gazing, though personal reflection and self-awareness are vital.

Who can seek Spiritual Direction?


Some people assume that spiritual direction is only for nuns, priests and ministers, and therefore not for them. In fact, spiritual direction is for anyone who desires to develop and deepen their relationship with God. Another thing many people don't realize is that the practice of spiritual direction has roots going back to Biblical times. 

Another assumption about spiritual direction is that you have to be religious or church-going to participate. In fact, many who seek spiritual direction do not participate in any traditional practice or may not even have a sense of God in their lives. 

Sometimes people seek spiritual direction when they are facing a major decision in their lives such as a long-term commitment or changing careers. In these cases, spiritual direction might only last for the duration of that decision-making time. 

What happens in Spiritual Direction?

As mentioned above, Spiritual direction helps us become more attentive to the presence of God in the midst of our daily lives and experiences. Sessions, therefore, focus on every day life - what is happening, how we are feeling, and how God might be speaking to us in the midst of these experiences. Directees are free to share as much or as little as they want, though an attitude of openness and a willingness to go deeper usually lead to richer experiences. Spiritual direction is confidential and provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to be oneself.

Directees typically meet with their directors once a month for about an hour. This might change based on circumstances, such as a directee wanting to meet more frequently when first starting spiritual direction, during a time of decision-making,  or if taking time for retreat.

Is there a cost involved?

One cannot put a monetary value on one's spiritual experiences. Keeping that in mind, however, spiritual direction is a professional service. For many directors, spiritual direction is one means - or the only means - of their livelihood. Therefore, spiritual direction usually involves paying a professional fee. Suggested offerings are indicated here.

What if I live in a different location?

Traditionally, spiritual direction occurs in face-to-face meetings. With the advantage of modern technology, spiritual direction can now be accessed via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. I am fortunate to be able to offer spiritual direction internationally by these digital means. We can discuss the possibilities further once we connect.

What others have to say who have experienced Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is my lifeline!

 It keeps me connected and in touch with my inner self. Each day I am thankful for my companions on this journey, who provide encouragement and insight into the working of God in my life.

Patricia F. - Maryland, USA

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